Work Highlights

Russell Morin Catering & Events

Mark has worked with Morin’s for over a decade, including two site redesigns—first on ExpressionEngine and then Craft CMS—and the recent launch of Fresh Eats, a Craft Commerce site focused on corporate & casual catering. Along the way he’s also supported CRM explorations, marketing automation, lead capture, and API integrations.

Morin’s is a distinctive brand delivering distinctive cuisine and memorable events for their clientele. Mark’s partnership with Morin’s is built on ensuring that their website and marketing efforts reflect their high standards, and his.

Journey North

Mark worked directly with Journey North Founder Elizabeth Howard to build a new Drupal website for editorial content & workflows. Following that effort, he engaged in a support role for legacy site content, the legacy citizen science reporting platform, and the new Drupal website.

He also designed and built a new maps experience using Leaflet.js and Esri base layers; identified reliable service providers and established sustainable budgets for infrastructure & support; migrated all digital properties to new hosting environments twice; updated website security protocols to support a community of 100,000 users; updated PHP code to modern best practices; and prototyped a new mobile-friendly web app for citizen science reporting, using Vue.js.

Mass Fair Housing

Working with colleague Aaron Taylor-Waldman for branding & design, Mark built Massachusetts Fair Housing a Craft CMS site that empowers the legal services non-profit to better communicate their offerings and updates more effectively to their clientele and the media.

Invested Digital Group

Mark has fully developed, launched, and supported multiple Craft CMS websites for IDG’s Biosciences & regulated industries clients.

Craft CMS Development

Mark has worked with the Craft CMS platform since 2013, developed Craft CMS plugins for general use, and customized Craft CMS installations.

He is a Craft CMS Partner.

Other Clients

Mark coded front end templates & CSS for integration in Sentinel Benefits’ Kentico website.

He’s also managed or supported work for ESPN, Fidelity Investments, The University of Wisconsin at Madison, History at MIT, MIT Hyperstudio, The Digital Research Center at Hofstra University, VasCore, Farm Collective Wine, and

“[Mark delivered] as promised, all the while keeping a careful eye on budget constraints, staffing considerations, user experience, and future technical dependencies.”

– Elizabeth Howard, Founder, Journey North

Agency Work

In agency roles or as an agency partner, Mark has supported efforts for:

  • The Campbell Soup Company
  • Lexmark
  • Fidelity Investments
  • The NYSE
  • Cadillac
  • New Balance
  • L.L. Bean
  • Jay Peak Resort
  • SAP
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • and Healthcare & Biosciences clients

“Great attention to detail.”

– Agency Creative Directors

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