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Research & Development of Utility Apps

As an interdisciplinary generalist whose career spans a broad range of client services & consulting engagements, Mark is uniquely poised to quickly understand requirements and context so he can get to work turning ideas and solutions into working code. Utility app projects typically include: jobs that run behind the scenes to synch or transform data, apps or plugins that extend an existing platform, apps to support the tasks of a small team, working prototypes to validate or sell a concept, or new frameworks around existing data.

Mark has worked on, or is interested in working on:

  • CMS plugins
  • API & CRM integrations (including Salesforce)
  • Creating APIs for legacy databases
  • Data input UIs & capture tools
  • Data output & visualization
  • Email interceptors & parsers
  • Working web app prototypes
  • AirTable apps
  • Build, deploy, and DevOps tooling